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Top quality - guaranteed safety

bofrost* sets very high standards on top quality and tested products. We intensively check all the products on their way from their original location to their delivery into your freezer at home. Our quality standards for testing are noticeably higher than mandatory regulations.

You only get top quality products at bofrost*.

„A fresh treat in top quality“ – this is the principle applied to all bofrost* products. Decisions concerning our product range are also based on factors such as responsibility and sustainability.

This means that we not only pursue highest quality standards but also handle nature's resources with care and responsibility. Thanks to this, you can treat yourself to bofrost* products with a good conscience.

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bofrost* customers just know it: frozen products mean "having fresh food on stock". Thanks to proven quick freezing methods we take great care that valuable substances and the high quality of our products remain unchanged. We guarantee food safety so that you can rely on our selection of top quality raw materials and ingredients. Anything we supply is of natural origin. We firmly believe that natural flavours just top it off!